How do you register, install and use BitTradingTool

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Steps to register, install & use BitTradingTool

Bitcoin is considered as an electronic currency and not many people understand it, in recent years the Bitcoin market has become more popular. In Vietnam, the trend of digging bitcoin and trading coin coins has been on the rise since 2010. As you know in Vietnam today there are two common Coin trading platforms: Bittrex (for new players) & Poloniex (for professional players).

At present, Coin Trade is considered a two-way investment channel of money for many young people and many elderly. Because what is called a four-word capital. And above all, the market has also exported a lot of Trade Coin tools to help Traders pick up money from this market.


BitTradingTool is one of the best tools available today. The following article will not say much about the tool but just focus on guiding you step by step to use proficiently.

Overview of implementation steps:

Step 1: You must have a trading account at coin trade. Typical are Bittrex and Poloniex.
Step 2: After you get your wallet on Bittrex or Poloniex. Proceed to sign up for a free account at Bit Trading Tool.
Step 3: Finally, fill out the form and get the confirmation email. Activation is successful registration.

Specifically how to do the following:
I will take the example on Bittex to guide you. How to do the same for other floors offline

Step 1: Register your trading account at
Visit  to fill in the registration email and password then bittrex sends you a confirmation email. After successfully validating you proceed to login again on bittrex.

Next, take a look at your wallet (for example, it’s like your wallet).
Step 2: Register your BitTradingTool account

After getting the bitcoin address (You copy the bitcoin address line). You register your Bittradingtool account

Step 3: Fill in the information and activate Bittradingtool account
select Get Started to start the registration. Enter and complete personal information then select Sign Up. 

Required information:
– Full name
– Email address
– Password
– Confirm Password
– Usename
-Leading Wallet

Then the system will send you an email for authentication, just enter the email and click on the link to activate the account is registered to use Bittradingtool successfully, you return to the page to re-login and edit the personal information needed.

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